During the recent Covid 19 pandemic, specialist COVID assessment centres have opened throughout the UK with the purpose of reducing the spread of Covid 19 virus to staff and patients visiting surgeries with non COVID symptoms.

Gwella carried out detailed risk assessments to establish the risk to our employees prior to undertaking the works which included working in conjunction with the staff at the centre to ensure the cleaning works were undertaken in line with their requirements. It was vitally important the works were carried out on a regular basis, providing the staff with reassurance on a daily basis that the centre had undergone a full disinfectant clean to all areas prior to them commencing their work shifts.

The project was undertaken outside of the operating times of the centre to ensure a thorough clean could be undertaken without interfering with patients or staff, the cleaning process is undertaken in a 3 stage process, using neutral detergent to clean accessible surfaces to break down the lipid layer surrounding the virus, followed by cleaning with a virucidal disinfectant agent allowing suitable dwell time of touchpoint surfaces, followed by a final application of an ultra-low volume fog of disinfectant /biocide.

Gwella carried out the works during the height of the pandemic over a period of 3 months working Monday to Friday.