The Portreath Improvements Committee is a charitable organisation set up in 1924 and is “committed to using money raised in the village to improve the beautiful place where we live”. The Committee are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of a number of properties in the busy seaside village.

As part of their compliance duties they commissioned new management asbestos surveys in 2019 which were undertaken by UKAS accredited Consultancy Allium Environmental Ltd; one of the buildings surveyed was Portreath Institute.

The building contained various asbestos materials and the decision was made to remove the asbestos insulating board soffits and old asbestos coated fibreboard ceiling materials from the roof void. Gwella quoted and were appointed to undertake the asbestos removal work but the project was initially put on hold due to the Committee’s concerns over the potential spread of Covid-19 during the work.

As Gwella had adopted the Construction Leadership Council Site Procedures for working during the pandemic, we were able to reassure the Committee that we would be working safely and our operations would pose no additional risk to neighbouring properties and the work was undertaken over a two week period during May 2020.

On completion of the work we also provided new thermal insulation within the roofspace and fully cleaned the interior of the Hall prior to re-occupation. During the project we were audited by the local HSE Inspector who was complimentary about our site set-up and Covid-19 precautions and by trade body ACAD as part of our membership application process.

We were delighted to score an amazing 99% on the audit and were accepted as members by ACAD.