Heathcoat Fabrics is a market-leading manufacturer of knitted and woven fabrics based in Tiverton, Devon.

Our Somerset branch recently completed a demanding project at Heathcoat Fabrics where asbestos material that was insulating water tanks needed to be removed.

This 6 week project required our most highly experienced teams to errect scaffolding and build air-tight enclosures around the tanks to ensure that the area was as safe as possible. Once the area was secured, our asbestos removal team had to inject the 70 year old asbestos matting with Astrip, which turns the asbestos into a putty-like material that can then be easily rolled-up and removed.

Once we had removed all of the visible asbestos from the tanks and surrounding area, we first painted the water tanks in ET150, a thick paint which is used as an asbestos encapsulant. We then added a coloured second coat for additional encapsulation as well as aesthetics.

Heathcoat Fabrics were delighted with the end result and, as such, have appointed Gwella as the approved asbestos contractor for all of their available works.

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