We recently completed the inspection and insulation of exhaust gas pipes onboard Arco Dijk, a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger built in 1992.

We removed and replaced 20+ worn-out insulation jackets surrounding the inner and outer bellows/Turbo Transition and flanges.

Removal and renewal of 2 sections of 0.5m exhaust uptake cladding and underlying insulation on each engine.

All jackets and cladding were fitted to comply with SOLAS regulations with downward overlaps to allow for run off in the event of a flammable fluid leak.

“Brilliant work again thank you very much! I’m very impressed with the quality and attitude of all the guys and so are the customer.”

Alex, Marine Director

“Much appreciated for getting this done over the past week. The new stuff looks great and it makes the remaining ‘good lagging’ look tired now. Overall, very happy with this work. Thank you!”

Lee, Ship Manager